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Hey Little Monkey Come Down From Your Tree,
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An Enormous Toy Factory ● A Town Full Of Castles ● Magical Story Books
Dancing Purple Hippos ● Talking Pink Fuzzy Bunnies ● A Witch’s Curse 
Trees That Grow Jewels ● A Mysterious Box ● Mystical Creatures ● And More

Reedy’s Monkey Mind Tales® Series will take readers on a whimsical journey through the puzzling world of humans with hypnotic prose and fairytale fantasy. Written for both the older child and the inner child. 

Age Range: 8 and up ● Level: 3 and up 

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind is a collection of six illustrated short stories written in the vein of Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, and Dr. Seuss. Each story looks at the side effects of our social structure and how it affects children and adults. As a child, author Steve Michael Reedy was inspired by the children’s cartoons, movies, and books of the late 1960s and early 1970s, many of which had philosophical undertones. Later, after working as a counselor with children and adults, he decided to write a book about what he learned using a children’s fable format. He did this for two reasons. First, he believed that the information would be more interesting if written with witches, toy factories, magical storybooks, and rhyme. Second, it would be more fun to write.

The themes in Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind are multilayered, universal, and reflect the timeless issues that are always with us no matter what generation we may find ourselves in. Reedy wrote it as a means to create open conversations between adults and children. Talk Nerdy With Us says, “The charm in this book is that these life lessons are fleshed out in a manner that children will understand and adults will applaud.” A review from Clarion Reviews says it, “could prove to be one of those rare juvenile fiction books that survives adolescence to one day be read fondly by (or to) another generation.”

In the book Alex daydreams of working in the Wallerwood Toy Factory, and he sets off to learn the secrets kept hidden behind the factory’s front doors. Jessica wants to become the best clown that Clown Town has ever seen. Then she learns that being a clown is not as much fun as she thought. Angela worries about what will happen to her when she dies, until she discovers there are others things to think about instead. Andrew wants a magical storybook of his very own, but then he hears a story that may change his mind. Josh and Kalyn accidentally break a witch’s spell that was cast over the children of their town, and they set off on a journey tomake things right. Little Fey searches for something to make her happy one-day, but she realizes that her search is pushing her happiness further away.

In it’s first year of printing, Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind has won several book awards including the 2016 “Purple Dragonfly Award,” the 2016 “Moonbeam Children’s Book Award,” the 2015 “Book & Author” book of the year award, and an international book award for children’s fables from “Reader’s Favorite.”

More Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind

More Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind is a collection of six new illustrated short stories written with the same imaginative and fanciful fervor as its predecessor. Author Steve Michael Reedy continues his look at the side effects of our social structure using dancing purple hippos, a giant clock, shooting stars, rhyme, and talking pink fuzzy bunnies.

In the book, Tilly Tiller and Cropper Roo meet a chef who wants to cook for their town, but they soon learn there’s a hidden cost and a secret behind her dancing purple hippos.  James lives in a town run by a giant clock, and he sets off on a journey to stop time. Jordy Fin discovers he can change his world with a thought, and he learns just how powerful thoughts can be. Katie awakens to find that her town has been asleep for years, and she begins waking people up to ask what’s real and what’s a dream. Piper must face a hoard of pink fuzzy bunnies to save herself and her friends from a device that could ruin their town. Max is having trouble fitting into a town full of nutty people, until he discovers a hidden connection that he shares with everyone.  

Reedy continues the use of his far-flung whimsy, delightful prose, and unique humor to examine themes that are universal to children, adolescents, and adults alike. As you journey through each tale, Reedy’s engaging insight and quirky imagery will leave you feeling elated and inspired from the trip. 

Reviewers hailed it as “fun, satisfying, and thoroughly enjoyable for both kids and adults,” “an entertaining collection of empowering children’s tales,” and “an electric work of children’s fiction.” It was entered in the Royal Dragonfly Award contest (a literary contest not directed at children’s literature) in 2017, and won first place for Short Story Collections.

Tales From Bombast’s Bookshelf

Tales From Bombast’s Bookshelf is a collection of six new beautifully illustrated stories that were handpicked from a mysteriously unusual traveling bookshelf. Procured and cared for by a man named Bombast and his wife, Pix, the bookshelf contains stories that are guaranteed to charm and delight their readers from beginning to end. 

In The Book, Clary finds a strange box while walking through the woods, and soon it’s up to her, with her dog named Dog, to protect every child who lives near the Dandaleen forest. Zach need to buy a big pile of stuff, and sets out to trap a Kerpuffin; a tiny creature that is said to wear clothes made of jewels. The Treebrights live inside a tree, hidden from a fearsome creature called the Bundletooth, but one day it starts knocking and asks to be let in. Weebundle wants to live in a candy castle, though he soon finds out that its maker may not be as trustworthy as he thought. The Doodles and the Glixies are at war with each other, but something is coming that might save them all, if it doesn’t eat them first. The Tendlebees must answer a question to get back their wings, though every answer they try creates a new question. 

With this third installment in his Monkey Mind Tales® book series, Reedy welcomes his readers back to his uniquely whimsical and fantastical world of fables, fantasy, and imagination. Told with interposed rhyme and prose, the stories use humor, wit, and poetic imageryto explore social and emotional themes that are universal to children, adolescents, and adults alike. Both delightful and engaging, Tales From Bombasts Bookshelf will leave its readers inspired, and they will want to share its stories with generations to come.   

An Excerpt From Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind, “The Spells Over Evercaster”

     “Come along now,” said the witch as she opened her cottage door. “I am not going to eat you or turn you into a rabbit if that’s what you’re thinking.”
     With much hesitation, and a great deal of reluctance, they both stood up and followed the witch inside her home. The witch closed the door behind them and pointed toward some chairs around a large wooden table in the center of the room.
     “Sit down,” she said. “I’ll make us some tea.”
     Josh and Kalyn did as she said and sat down at the table.
     “So,” said the witch, as she put her kettle over the fire, “what brings the two of you up here so late at night? Do you want a spell? Do you want a potion? Do you want revenge, or perhaps some commotion?”
     “No,” Josh managed to say, but did not know what to say next. He looked at Kalyn for help, but she was distracted by a black bird that had landed on the table beside her.
     “Then what is it?” the witch asked as she turned away from the kettle and brought her gaze back to the two of them. “Do you have warts, worms, bunions, boils…?”
     “No,” Kalyn interrupted, “We broke one of your spells, and we were hoping you could un-break it for us.” 

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