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““I enjoyed my time in Fretwick…, it is something most of us can relate to.”
         Ram Dass, author Be Here Now

“Offers fables and fairy tales that are at once timeless and contemporary…, Reedy takes elements of classic storytelling, such as witches and magical storybooks, inserts clowns and a few other surprises, and makes all of these elements relevant to pre- and early teens, delivering stories in an often-rhyming text that is delightful to read…, a wonderful book for readers of any age…could prove to be one of those rare juvenile fiction books that survives adolescence to one day be read fondly by (or to) another generation.”
         (5 out of 5 stars) Clarion Review (Foreword Reviews): see complete review

“The charm in this book is that these life lessons are fleshed out in a manner that children will understand and adults will applaud…, an imaginative, well written and thought-provoking treasure for both children and adults.”
         Talk Nerdy With Us

“Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and so is this book. Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind is sure to appeal to deep thinkers and philosophers, both young and old. What a nice reminder to keep in touch with one’s childhood and to keep a fresh mind…., Collectively the stories remind us to be true to ourselves, let go of perfection, and to live authentic lives.”
        The Children’s Book Review: see complete review

“The artwork is spot on for bringing these stories to life…, These are the highlight of the work…, A true win that parents can enjoy with their children and one that will help spread positive messages.”
       (5 out of 5 stars) Readers’ Favorite: see complete review

“Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind is a fun book, in the vein of Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, and Dr. Seuss – quirky and imaginative, with vibrant illustrations and themes of fantasy and wonder throughout…, The stories were fun and engaging, short and easy to read, and enjoyable ways to end the day. My older daughter enjoyed them too, with stories of clowns and toys and other fun, fantasy elements.”
        Motherhood Moment: see complete review

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind by Steven Michael Reedy is a book of fables where everything is not always as it seems. Stories about toy factories, clowns, magical storybooks, witch’s spells, and more each give a different moral about life and what’s most important. Overall, it’s an ambitious and imaginative work of children’s fiction…, the book deftly manages to be two things at once: dark and fun. That’s a very tough balance for a kid’s book, but Reedy pulls it off. The book will lead to a lot of interesting discussions between parents and kids, as the morals in each tale are multi-layered. Definitely recommended for kids and adults alike.”

       (4 out of 5 stars) SPF- Self Publishing Review: see complete review

I enjoyed the way it entwines dark, difficult issues with a sense of hope and optimism…, The resolutions are realistic and not too moralistic which is important when using story as a stimulus for creating philosophical questions. I think children will relate to, and empathise with, the feelings of puzzlement and discomfort that the characters experience and describe.”
       Lizzy Lewis, SAPERE (Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education)

“I really love the book…, It will teach kids a lot, like how to have fun being a kid and don’t be in a hurry to grow up. I love all the pictures, too, especially the one on the cover with the monkey eyes. Love it!”

       Paola Belloso (age 8), Reader Views Kids (reviews by kids, for kids): see complete review

“Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind” is a beautifully written collection of short stories. Mr. Reedy demonstrates a brilliant ability to draw characters and engages the reader in a way that will keep you turning the page. Deceptively simple, the stories reflect deeper themes including how one defines oneself, the search for meaning in life, and questions of death. You are sure to find inspiration as you read this delightful collection. A must read!”
     Heather Robbins, PHD, LP, Writer

“Beautifully descriptive and crafted stories. Mr. Reedy brilliantly intertwines the societal and personal challenges of the ‘real’ world into a creative masterpiece full of magical imagination. His colorful, articulate and beautifully crafted stories bring both young and mature alike on a journey through profound life lessons ANY reader of any age can learn. Reedy reminds us all we can live in this world happy and free through the power of love and self-acceptance. I look forward to sharing these stories with my son and will enjoy reading them myself again and again!”
     Leanne Hall, Author

“Has much to offer children, young adults and grownup readers alike. Reedy’s delightfully far-flung whimsy is balanced by somber undertones examining the loss of innocence in an increasingly homogenized corporate society. Reedy’s tales implore readers to maintain (or rediscover) their creativity and individuality while weathering the profound struggles of growing up in the modern world. Never preachy or morose, Reedy entertains readers with his unique humor, strangely hypnotic prose and timeless fantasy scenarios. As a licensed mental health professional and family therapist, I heartily recommend this book as a provocative, healthy discussion tool for parents and their children.”   
     James Robbins, MA, LPC, Author

“…reminded me of the children’s books I read growing up—simple, full of fun characters, rhymes, and just “happy.” The philosophical insights inherent in the stories are great and can be beneficial for kids, especially in today’s world. The end result is just fun, satisfying, and thoroughly enjoyable for both kids and adults.”
       (5 out of 5 stars) Readers’ Favorite: see complete review

“Within the whimsical tales, Reedy broaches substantive matters that equally concern youth and adults, including the appropriate role of technology, the quest for perfection, and the need to embrace one’s own individuality. While the stories raise complex issues, their tone calms rather than alarms as the children make sense of their world and their place in it… Overall, readers will find this an entertaining collection of empowering children’s tales—one that is sure to enrich family storytime.”
Blue Ink Review: see complete review

“Readers will be shocked, surprised and thrilled as they turn the pages of these short, but thoroughly engrossing, tales…the stories encourage children to be themselves and to dream and sing and enjoy the pleasures of childhood… sure to please even the most reluctant readers with its fast-paced prose, interspersed poetry and detailed illustrations.”
The Children’s Book Review: see complete review

“These tales blew my mind. After reading the first book, Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind, I did not think there were many concepts left to explore on such a deep level. Boy was I wrong. The new tales are every bit as magical and mesmerizing while also hiding that grain of truth that haunts us in today’s world. I truly think that not just parents and children but middle schools should read and discuss the meanings behind them. It’s a conversation worth having.
Anna Kopp, Words Matter

“There’s a refreshing maturity to Reedy’s stories. He’s not talking down to children, or underestimating their powers of comprehension, yet the stories never lose their core accessibility and playfulness. Overall, More Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind will have kids laughing and intrigued by these uniquely imaginative stories. Reedy has an inspiring vision for this work, and the obvious passion and talent put into this book result in an electric work of children’s fiction, which can inspire kids to read, or even be more creative themselves.” (4.5 out of 5 stars) SPR Review: see complete review

“These fables are designed to help children make sense of the world around them and do so in a quaint, charming, and soothing way …these are tales that adults will enjoy reading as much as their children will enjoy listening to… these tales would work well in a classroom to spark conversation about the problems children might face and possible solutions to them. Using surprising elements like pink bunny bullies makes it easier for kids to look at real-world problems in a more objective way and talk to adults about them.”
(5 out of 5 stars) Clarion/Forward Reviewssee complete review

“I receive lots of books with this job, but I don’t keep many. This one’ s a keeper!”
Melissa Fales, Writer, Story Monster Magazine

“Fairy tales have long been a part of children’s literature, and these refreshing stories are a wonderful new addition to that tradition. With amusing fictional characters, magical woodland realms, and memorable turning points, Reedy imbues every page with a sense of innocent wonder, but also a fair amount of realistic struggle. Like many fairy tales from the past, these bite-sized journeys lean in to relatable issues, such as unfair prejudices, selfishness, equality, open-mindedness, anxiety, and even existentialism.”
(5 out of 5 stars) Self Publishing Review: see complete review

“Ages zero to 119 can benefit from the wit and wisdom, the humor and honor portrayed in each tale. It is uncommon to read a book such as Tales from Bombast’s Bookshelf by Steve Michael Reedy. But if you take the time to read and ponder for yourself, you may find your mind and spirit turning child-like again. Books like these are why I love reading!”
(5 out of 5 stars) Bruce ArringtonReaders’ Favorite: see complete review

“This compilation of tales begins and ends with a poem about a man and wife who travel the open seas on a boat lined with shelves of books. The tales are told as stories from within the books on these shelves, each of them offering a different mood—sweet, silly, or scary (but not too scary)—and all of them providing a moral. Readers will discover the power of positive thinking and learn the difference between being worried and being careful. They will also learn the importance of being accepted for who you are, which begins with accepting yourself… The entire collection offers an enchanting world that feels both familiar and imaginary, allowing readers to immerse themselves freely in priceless life lessons.”
The Children’s Book Review: see complete review

“Distinctive rhyming patterns make these entries a treat to read. Lines slide in and out of rhythms with elegance; rhyming lines aren’t set apart, and they blend well with non-rhyming lines, reading like wandering into a field of wildflowers while on a already pleasant walk.”
Forward Reviews: see complete review

“His ability to weave positive, uplifting messages that will aid in young ones’ social and emotional understanding and development is brilliant,… Parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators and teachers are sure to find a heartwarming story, idea or theme in this book that will help spark a young one’s creativity and bring a smile to their face.  Remarkably original, Tales From Bombast’s Bookshelf is sure to delight and entertain!

Book Excellence

“No two stories felt the same; each had their own distinct tone and message… Tales from Bombast’s Bookshelf is a great short story collection for children, particularly for ones who like fantasy or adventure with excellent illustrations.”
(5 out of 5 stars) Louise HurrellReaders’ Favorite: see complete review

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