In a world full of monkeys in search of a book, 
They often will ponder on where they should look.
With so many genres, it’s hard to decide.
Let’s open some up and we’ll see what’s inside.

Perhaps one on Science is where to begin.
Ponder life’s questions like what, how, and when.
Study the meaning of quark or transduce.
Learn lots of math that you won’t ever use. 
Put facts in your mind to the point it might blow.
The more that you learn, the more you don’t know.
Answers cause questions, a loop that won’t stop.
Searching for answers? You’ll search till’ you drop.

How about a Self-Help book? Feel better while you’re here.
Give your life some meaning. Make your path more clear.
Label all that’s wrong with you, or learn six steps to peace.
Attract more things you wish you had, or make the voices cease.
Want to find your purpose? Want to loose more weight?
Want to reach a higher plane or find your perfect mate?
Live your life in chronic thought while searching for a clue.
Hopefully you’ll think to stop before you life is through.

Here’s a book on History with pasts from long ago.
It may not be filled with truth, but you will never know.
Read how humans are believed to come from ancient apes,
Then worshiped gods on mountains who were drinking wine from grapes.
Did we come from outer space or rise up from the sea?
Did we start off with a bang, or garden, snake, and apple tree?
The past was in the past, so the facts are often blurred.
Since you were not there yourself, you’ll have to take their word.

 I see your smile is fading, and so I must construe,
The books that I have mentioned are simply not for you.
Perhaps some tales of magic might leave you more impressed,
Or strangely granted wishes, or creatures on a quest.
Find monsters that leave drool, bunnies that can talk—
Candy castles, dancing hippos, and a giant clock.
Each tale is full of twists and turns, with plots that go askew. 
Come and see. I’m sure you’ll find they’re just the books for you.

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