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Dear teachers and librarians,

I have worked as a counselor since 2009. During which I worked with children of all ages, and began writing my Monkey Mind Tales® book series in response to the issues I saw affecting children and adults alike. Not wanting to write another self-help book, I approached the issues using a fairytale format. 

Self esteem, worry, fear, and other issues are looked at with dancing purple hippos, pink fuzzy bunnies, and other characters that, as one reviewer put it, “help the lessons go down.”

I also approach more philosophical issues like, how we create our perception of reality, finding one’s purpose, issues with death, and how to think about thinking.

Reviewers have said the books appeal toyoung adolescents with a contemplative turn of mind,” and that they are an “electric work of children’s fiction, which can inspire kids to read, or even be more creative themselves.” One reviewer said that, “these tales would work well in a classroom to spark conversation about the problems children might face and possible solutions to them.” My favorite quote from a reviewer said that my first book, “Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind could prove to be one of those rare juvenile fiction books that survives adolescence to one day be read fondly by (or to) another generation.”

I believe that the Monkey Mind Tales® book series can open conversations between adults and children, and would be a great addition to your library or classroom.  

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I would also be happy to come and read a story from the series. You can contact me at: contact@monkeymindtales.com.


Steve Michael Reedy

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