Steve Michael Reedy

Steve Michael Reedy

Steve Michael Reedy, MA, LPC, received his undergraduate degree in Theatre, Film, and Television at the University of California, Los Angeles. He later received a master’s degree in counseling and is a licensed professional counselor in Dallas, Texas. Reedy also holds licenses in varying forms of bodywork including Neuromuscular Therapy and Reiki, the latter for which he was interviewed on Good Morning Texas.

Reedy has a history of teaching. He taught after school programs for the Dallas Children’s Theater, and then began a children’s acting program for the Playhouse of Park Cities, also in Dallas. After receiving his masters, Reedy taught adults as an adjunct professor at UTA, and taught elementary aged children in several after-school programs. When he has spare time, he continues to teach classes in Reiki and meditation.

For a year-and-a-half, Reedy worked primarily as an addiction counselor for adults and teens. The experience would later inspire him to write a book titled, “Rethinking Rehab.” It was a very serious book but, while he believed he had something new to say, he also believed that he could throw a rock in the air and hit someone writing a self-help book on addiction. 

So, Reedy put his addiction book on pause. Shortly after, he learned that his sister was going to have her first child. Realizing he would soon be an uncle, Reedy began writing his Monkey Mind Tales® book series as a tool to teach children and adults what he had learned as a counselor. Instead of writing it as a series of self-help books, he drew inspiration from the masters of children’s literature, and developed a whimsical writing style that, as one reviewer put it, “helped the lessons go down.”   

What was meant to be a collection of four stories turned out to be twenty-four stories, eighteen of which have been published in three separate volumes of six stories each. The remaining six stories are being edited and illustrated in a volume titled, Tales For Tra-La-La-Day, which is the final book in Reedy’s anthology series, and is due out in 2024. If you would like to know when the book will be available, check out its monthly blog page for updates and a free gift.

To learn more about the author, and his work, visit: You can also read the Story Monster  Interview, “Inside The Mind Of Steve Michael Reedy,” at: Story Monster Ink.

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