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With varying forms of quarantine and “shelter at home” being extended,
Monkey Mind Tales is giving away free books to read.

Join our free fan club, and receive a first printing of Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind (while supplies last). If you already have a copy of the first book, please feel free to donate it to another new member.

You Can Also Win…

Your name will also be drawn from a hat for the following:   

  • Free Book Bundle Drawing: One fan club reader will be drawn each month to receive signed copies of all three books.

Note, Each drawing will be held on the second Sunday of every month, between April and July, 2020. If you don’t win, your name will be eligible for the following month’s drawing.

You Also Receive…

Monkey Mind Tales Fan Club readers will also receive the following:

  • The Kindle version of Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind for ¢0.25 (regularly $4.95). Fan club readers will receive an email two days before the Kindle version is available at the lowered price. The Kindle version will be lowered each month, for one day, between April and July 2020.  
  • Notification of book signings, book readings, and the launch date for the fourth book, Tales For Tra La La Day.

Be Sure To Share

Join today and share this page with your friends. While the copies of Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind are limited, once they are gone, members will still receive everything else listed above. As of now there are still books available.

Past Winners

Check out our past winners.

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Your free copy of “Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind?”

We plan to donate over 300 books. Donations for shipping is greatly appreciated. Just click on the link.

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