First Printing

The first printing of Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind was released through another publishing company in the fall of 2015. After it was republished in 2017 (under the Monkey Mind Tales® name) there were over three hundred copies of the first printing left over, and it has always been the intent to give them away.

Now, as readers find themselves stuck in their homes, it’s a perfect time to donate the books.

To receive a free copy of the first printing, or donate one to another fan club member (if you already own a copy of the first book), sign up for the Monkey Mind Tales® fan club.

This is not a Fiboozle.

Difference From The 2017 Reprint

The text and illustrations are the same as the current version. In the current version, the illustrator’s names added to the cover, and the Monkey Mind Tales Font was created for the title and cover text. In the 2017 version, the Monkey Mind Tales® logo was also added to the spine and title page.

Escape With me Book

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