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Tom Fee’s life long goal has been to never lose his imagination. He began drawing when he was nine years old, and grew to become an Art Director, Designer and Creative Director in small design studios. Then in 1990 he went independent and opened Tom Fee Graphic Design and has continued to work as an illustrator for over twenty-five years. He has lent his talents to a variety of children’s books including “A Tree Full Of Animals,” “The King of Camelot,” and “Revenge of The Snowman,” by R. L. Stine. He also illustrated a set of bi-lingual grade school books, “Just Because You Think Differently” and “Homes In Unexpected Places”. Finding an illustrator that can see into your mind is difficult. Reedy was thrilled to find someone who was not only talented, but understood what he was trying to achieve through his storytelling. Fee continues to work as an illustrator in Dallas, Texas and can be found at

You can also learn more about Tom's work on the "Monkey Mind Tales Book Series" by watching the "Book Launch Party" video.

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